Minimally Invasive Vascular Centers

The Minimally Invasive Vascular Centers is a full service vascular center that treats all diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatic systems.  Our Surgeons are Board Certified and Vascular Fellowship Trained.  We offer minimally invasive treatments with no cutting and a quick recovery.  If needed, our Specialist also perform high end open vascular surgeries including bypasses and aneurysm repairs. We have performed over 2,500 successful vascular surgical repairs in the past year. Our partnership with Lifeline Screenings supports our dedication and desire to stop the Vascular Devasatation(tm) that exists in our community.  We offer comprehensive healthcare with a heart.  Only a Vascular Surgeon can offer ALL the treatment options available for your poor circulation needs.  You can visit us online at  To make an appointment at any of our convenient locations throughout Maryland and Washington, DC call 301-497-1590.


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