Benefits of Partnership

Partnering with Life Line Screening means joining forces with a company committed to strengthening the reach of your hospital while simultaneously improving the lives of the people you serve. Our mission is not to replace your services. No, instead we hope to work with you, offering health screening services that are convenient and beneficial to your organization.

Building a partnership with Line Screening means that your patients and clients will join forces with the nation’s leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings. Benefits of a hospital partnerships with Life Line Screening include:

  • On-going quality screening programs without overhead costs to your hospital
  • Exclusivity in your defined market area
  • Increased community outreach and name recognition for your hospital
  • Help in aligning primary care physicians with your hospital
  • Identification of patient disease risk, leading to appropriate medical intervention
  • Reduce patient spend on catastrophic disease states
  • Third-party provider “turn-key” infrastructure including staffing, supplies, equipment, logistics, call center, test interpretation, patient results reporting, scheduling and testing site selection

From administering screenings to interpreting results, our skilled staff of board-certified physicians and highly trained technologists is committed to ensuring the quality and accuracy of all screening results. To learn how your hospital can benefit from a partnership with Life Line Screening, please contact us today to become a partner.